Leadership Meets Sustainability: Critical development for world changers

Companies need new leadership capability to survive in the complex, global environment, where economic, social, environmental and social sustainability requires transformational change.

Setting the Tone – Insights into How I run my Leadership Course

Let me take you inside my classroom: We teach our course “laptopless”–that is, without laptops–because leadership is learned through practice, feedback and reflection.

Digging in – Leadership and Stories

I encourage my students to think of our classes as a gathering around the “campfire”, where we tell stories of what we have experienced about leadership at work and in our families.

Taming the “Lizard” brain

When a familiar pattern is disrupted, the brain is disrupted, becoming stimulated and vigilant. You can think of it as the “lizard" brain.

Leading Teams from Resistance to Performance

The change curve is a simple framework to help track the progression of individuals, teams and organizations through change.

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