Cynthia is a compassionate thought partner to challenge your assumptions, clarify your personal and professional goals and develop the consciousness and capacity to achieve them.

Individual Coaching (Leadership, Retirement, Transition)

She will listen to your unique situation providing perspective, insight and opportunities to facilitate your growth and change. She will introduce a range of models and tools that are carefully selected to your specific challenges and transition. She will work with you to experiment with options and try out your new approach in real situations.

  • Navigate personal transition, retirement and recover resilience
  • Develop the courage and momentum to achieve your goals
  • Accelerate your individual leadership development and impact in a new role
  • Use strengths based-real time data assessment tools to challenge your assumptions
    • 5 Dynamics Assessment-identify your embedded energetic pattern, focus your work to support your success and satisfaction.
    • Leadership Circle 360 Assessment-See how you rank in consciousness and capability-uncover reactive-creative patterns, transform your behavior.


Cynthia coached me as I navigated the transition from research start up to a customer serving team. She is empathetic and compassionate and combines that with great business acumen. She has helped me to work more on my business than in it, which is helping me and helping my team. She helped me see how my own behavior was keeping my organization from thriving and how to use my behaviors to align strategy and build team engagement. She supported me in making decisions about hiring and firing key talent, digging in to overcome tension related to roles and accountability and thinking through critical next steps.
Early startup CEO
Cynthia’s coaching helped me see strengths I had no idea I had. The 360 feedback was tough, showing me where I was not using my potential and woke up my curiosity and commitment to change. She provided resources and specific ideas for making real time changes in how I interacted with my peers. These sessions were valuable for being able to take up a new role during a cultural transformation of our business. She listened and supported my transition into a new role, very different from my past work. I always feel great after a session with her.
Global Executive
It was challenging to think of leaving my practice, I had developed a deep sense of satisfaction and was wondering what I would do with my new life. Cynthia’s warm and personal coaching made it so much easier to think about what could be next. She has a vast range of experience with making personal change and a skillful way of helping me stop and see what is going on under the surface. Her sense of adventure helped me discover paths I would not have known about. A great guide and ally.
Retiring Health Care Professional
Cynthia helped me connect my early experiences to a stressful pattern in my work choices. She helped me Identify a long standing pattern of making choices based on external factors instead of my authentic passions. She helped me hold a dream for my future when I could not. I’m now using my former career experience as a foundation for transitioning into work more aligned with my values.
Senior professional experiencing burnout in high demanding public career
Cynthia used a series of assessments which gave me a fresh look at why my work was not making the best use of my talents. She had the hard conversations with me which guided me to identify a new career path and take steps to transition to a new role and field.
Mid-career professional making career switch
Working with Cynthia helped me come to a good handoff and closure with my prior role. She guided me in renegotiating my role as mentor to incoming family leadership and reengaging with my professional community and family.
Leader experiencing generational transition in Family business
Cynthia listened to what we had already done and created a customized approach for our college aged children to articulate their personal values, connect their purpose to potential family business roles and helped us all become more comfortable and skillful in having difficult conversations and making decisions. She included three generations in some of these discussions which brought us closer together.
Next Generation G3 family leadership development