Provide team alignment and engagement, reduce conflict and tension renew commitment.

Team Development

Cynthia has helped numerous teams launch and realign their process and refresh their performance. She will introduce a range of models and tools clarify values, identify shared goals, enhance respectful communication and increase accountability. She will help you experiment with options and try out your new approach in real situations.

  • Set up a team culture with clear intention to support trust and high performance
  • Use strengths based, data-driven assessment tools to understand each other and diminish conflict
  • Set a new foundation to understand team and customer relationships
  • Release and reset patterns that diminish innovation and increase friction
  • Refresh your ability to collaborate and innovate
  • Increase respect and deepen appreciation and acknowledgement among team members.

Team Launch

High performing teams trust each other and love working together. They deliver visible value from the start and are more productive in less time. Great people want to join them and stay with them. And they do all this while having more fun. It’s crucial to set up the team culture with clear intention to support trust and high performance. It’s easy to skip this crucial step and head right to action. Your team culture is forming right now whether you’re actively managing it or not. Take time to future-proof your team and enhance its performance. Understand each other’s energetic pattern, be aligned on values and purpose and have a clear vision of what success looks like.


Cynthia helped us translate a vision of building a collaborative culture into specific values, actions and practices so we could grow from a group of globally distributed employees into an aligned global team. She gathered data, crafted and facilitated a highly engaging offsite where we established relationships, shared values and behaviors and understanding of our whole enterprise. We are now building a foundation of role clarity and accountability inside our organization and with our clients.
Start-up Team
Cynthia has guided us over several years as we developed our idea into a funded, national enterprise. She provided stabilizing support to each of us as we created our co-president roles, helping us to identify how to use our strengths to support the growth of the firm. She helped us have some important conversations to align our vision and support.
Co-Presidents Team

Team Renewal

As teams experience change in strategy, teams benefit from renewing culture, resetting their focus and rekindling commitment. It is a good time to clear out disagreements and refresh passion and vision. High performing teams have unity, passion for customers, clarity of purpose and work together well. Tune-up your team’s capacity for aligned action, innovation and virtual collaboration.


Cynthia brought together a founding professional couple and the emerging generation of family owners to facilitate a handoff from founders to next generation leadership. She supported family dialogue and created an environment for respectful discussion of emotionally charged issues. We held coaching sessions and a retreat which allowed us to acknowledge important transitions and changes. It freed the transitioning generation to embrace their legacy and shift roles and expectations to support the transition.
Design Firm
Cynthia helped us in a crucial transition from founders to professional management. She talked to each of us to gain an understanding how we each were experiencing the situation and designed and facilitated a virtual “offsite” session where we had important discussions which allowed us to see a path forward. She skillfully set an environment of trust and learning in a session across many time zones and cultures. Her use of the 5 Dynamics provided a valuable shared language for continued performance adjustment and role clarification.
Co-Founder & Partner