ChangeWorks Lab designs and facilitates programs and large scale events that engage leaders at all levels.


ChangeWorks Lab founder and principal, Cynthia Scott, Ph.D. M.P.H., draws on more than three decades of engaging with teams, executives and students in a variety of classroom, business and retreat settings. She is an intuitive pattern-finder and practiced at reflecting cultural insights into designing innovative, approaches to accelerate change. She specializes in facilitating strategic leadership conversations resulting in cultural innovation, fresh insight and employee engagement.

One Planet Leadership: Activating Courageous Sustainability Culture

As organizations interact in a web of global relationships, leaders at all levels need to identify the challenges of “One Planet” thinking, to navigate towards more sustainable practices.

  • Fine-tune your understanding of the role of “sustainability” as a strange attractor of efficiency, innovation, engagement and brand positioning for prioritizing sustainability initiatives.
  • Identify where your organization is in its sustainability leadership journey and opportunities for leadership and innovation.
  • Understand how to build a culture of sustainability from the top down and bottom up.
  • Enhance your capacity for using an ecological worldview to take courageous action. Look through the five levels of sustainability activation to identify your next target for change.

Leadership: Mobilizing Organizational Change

In response to an ever-changing external environment, leaders set the conditions for their organization to define values, set goals and basically develop a new story. Leadership is much more than individual characteristics, it is the ability to create and manage culture. Cultures evolve as they are tied to organizational challenges linked to performance. Designing a sustainable pace of change requires personal and organizational stamina to stay focused and authentic in the face of uncertainty.

  • Shift the psychological contract to reflect new levels of accountability, community and social responsibility to support a performance culture.
  • Mobilize the head and the heart by applying a 4-phase model of personal and organizational change to increase your capability to lessen resistance and increase productivity.
  • Examine the components of social threat and applications of brain science to identify ways to reduce the cycle time of change adaptation.

  • Capture the power of storytelling to create new narratives that can engage and overcome resistance.

Thriving in a High Performance Environment: Enhancing Personal Resilience and Agility

Business takes place in an increasingly fast paced, virtual, cross-cultural 24/7 environment. To thrive and support performance in these environments requires a tuned-up set of self-management skills. To protect the investment you have made in your career it is important to have the resilience and agility to perform at your best.

  • Understand the four research-based principles of individual and organizational hardiness: Coherence, Challenge, Control, and Connection.
  • Harness the power of 4 Core Routines to create wellbeing and connection to others to establish and sustain personal resilience and agility.
  • Practice a set of “presence practice” exercises before each exercise to build your ability to re-balance yourself in times of strain/stress.