Activating Resilient Leadership Lab

Refresh your energy. Reset your direction.

Renew your purpose. Refocus your leadership.

Resilience matters more than ever. As our lives have been filled with uncertainty and transition, this is a perfect time to refresh your energy, reset your direction, renew your purpose, and refocus your leadership. My 40-year career has been devoted to identifying, simplifying, and applying the core set of capabilities that values-driven leaders use to sustain meaning and energy during change and transition. I’m offering a series of Summer “Quick Start” Sessions, Activating Resilient Leadership so you can refresh, reset, and renew yourself, your team, and your organization with time-tested model to enhance the five most important personal and leadership capacities for sustaining performance and engagement through transition.

These sessions are part of my global “Resilient Leadership Lab”, hosting courses and community connections to build the courage and consciousness to imagine and make the changes that will bring more resilience to our lives and workplaces. This summer I am completing my new book, Sustaining Resilience: Purpose, Vision and Action based on a core set of capacities that values-driven leaders use to build sustainable change.


Cynthia Scott, Ph.D., M.P.H.

ChangeworksLab FOUNDER

Throughout my professional career, I have worked at the intersection of leadership and change. I help individuals, teams and whole organizations see and unwind patterns in complex systems to release creativity and innovation. I work with leaders in a broad range of industries (healthcare, technology, education, financial services, military, and retail) responsible culture change, leadership development and organizational transformation. My fieldwork as an anthropologist led me to appreciate and value the creativity of global cultural diversity and community resilience. My practice as a psychologist taught me to listen deeply to unlock hidden patterns to achieve resilience, performance and values alignment that supports mission aligned, values-driven sustainable organizations. I have translated my experience into writing books, designing programs, assessment tools and models to guide and inspire people to become creative sources of resilience for their teams and organizations.

“Her work continues to be relevant and helpful to leaders grappling with change and transitions in both their personal and professional lives.”
Ok Kim, Program Manager, Executive Leadership Programs, Canada School of Public Service
“We used the roadmaps to keep ourselves focused, raising over $10m. We met our gift goals for the first time.”
Jodi Barnard, President of the El Camino Hospital Foundation
“Cynthia has provided a framework for an engaging and interactive group experience allowing for new ideas, connections and ways of thinking.”
Ramon Marmolejos, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Emzingo Group

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Cynthia’s Campfire Video Session with Presidio Graduate School

Step by step guide to mobilizing and sustain your organization through the three stages of change.
Getting Your Organization to Change
Guides employees to develop five basic skills for success: change, commitment, challenge, control and connection.
Take This Work and Love It
Comprehensive handbook of skills and strategies for moving from burnout to balance at work.
Self Renewal
Keys to revitalizing individuals, the environment they work in and the organization itself.
Rekindling Commitment